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Laren Bright is an Emmy nominated award-winning writer.

In addition to a rewarding career in advertising/promotional writing, he enjoyed a 7-year stint as a staff writer and story editor for children’s television animation at Hanna-Barbera Productions and Warner Bros. Animation, writing for such shows as Batman the animated series and The New Adventures of Captain Planet. He currently spends most of his work life assisting authors with editing, ghost writing and promotional writing including titles, sub titles, back covers, book promotional descriptions and author bios. Laren lives in Los Angeles with his wife Penelope and two rescue dogs.  IMDB

 What if…
Albert Einstein, one of the greatest minds of the 20th century, was actually working with supernatural forces beyond imagination?
… young Einstein, at the age of six, received an ancient compass from pre-history that changed the course of his life and upon which balanced the very destiny of Earth?
… Einstein, a brilliant mathematician, was the reincarnation of a leading priest-scientist who lived during the time of Atlantis and whose twin brother, through a DNA experiment gone awry, was transformed into an immortal shape-shifting, power-mad dragon?
… Did Einstein become a key player in the unseen battle between Light and Darkness?
Einstein’s Compass takes readers on a hero’s adventure through time and across dimensions. It is a blend of historical fact and imaginative fantasy that challenges readers to distinguish between them.

Publication date: Fall 2018


Grace Allison & Laren Bright

 Authors of Einstein's Compass

Einstein's Compass What If Einstein Met Spiritual Beings Books

Einstein's Compass Book

What If Einstein Met Spiritual Beings  Grace Allison Books

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who has assisted hundreds to discover their power to meet their everyday challenges. She is an award-winning author, wellness consultant, business development adviser, marketing coach, and talk show host.

She is a modern mystic who has studied practical spirituality for more than forty years. Grace’s life is dedicated to peace and to assisting people in discovering the blessings within themselves and in everything.


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